The basement is ready, the pool can come.

-A summer like we’ve never experienced before. –

Have you ever sat in a meeting with 7 trades that coordinate who coordinate who does what and when in a construction project, and who has to cooperate with whom? No? Neither have we. But this is exactly the meeting we are sitting in right now and heads are spinning. Architects, interior designers, sauna builders, room planners, ventilation and sanitary planners, electrical planners, bathroom builders etc. .

And with that hello and nice that you are again interested and reading our next blog post. A little Time has gone by and time definitely hasn’t stood still. There so much has happened in the last two and a half months and along the way we’ve managed the usual high season madness. Every free minute, besides the normal business, is spent on planning and execution of the new building.

While our dear wedding couples celebrated one of their days were celebrated with us, families and birthday parties were held, our birthday parties were being held, things were heating up on our construction site. A huge crane has adorned the side of our hotel grounds for a few months and tractor/container combinations with rubble, sand and concrete deliveries were and concrete deliveries lined up in the queues on the access roads. one. Perhaps the one or other local resident has this spectacle when passing by could observe. Since then has been closed, the volume of traffic here has tripled. traffic volume has tripled.

A construction site in full swing, a hotel in full swing and us and our team in the middle of it all. After digging a huge hole, the basement walls are now in place. A 10x 5 m hole in the middle for the pool is also ready. The tenders for the next floors are through and the new structural engineers will start this week to take over the site and get settled.

So much for what has happened directly on the construction site. But we are also well advanced in the planning and all around. Details such as shower heads, lamps etc. have been discussed, looked at and selected over the last few weeks. A lot of tenders have been made and discussions held. We are in the process of advertising our new building at trade fairs (yes, you can do that without having photos of it already).

On the photo you can see a pre-selection of fabric samples for the rooms. Yes actually we had to grow also there already far in the decisions. The rooms are planned so far and we are happy to show you the first architect photos of them soon. The rooms are unique and both bright, and spacious, but also cozy with lots of charm planned. A semi-open bathroom completes the overall concept.

In addition to the room and the new hotel building, the planning in the wellness area is also progressing with great strides. Currently, even the job advertisements for the wellness staff are already running. We are looking for masseurs, beauticians and physiotherapists. Together we will soon study the product range in the wellness area and we also want to make decisions soon.

With the new building we have also touched and rethought our entire hotel design and our external appearance. About 2 months ago we released our new logo and with it we implemented the first new designs on for example our stationery or the meeting pads. A new signage around the hotel with a new logo has been created and we are mighty proud of the results. It will still take a bit of time to gradually implement the new logo and design, but we are also currently working on this at full speed with various forces. Next, we will launch our new website and we are really looking forward to that as well.

You read, a lot has really happened and we have not been lazy. Quite the opposite. To do all this besides the “normal” seasonal business is not easy and sometimes we reach our limits. But the family supports itself and thanks to our wonderful team we managed the season well and still moved a lot on the construction site.

We will get back to you.

Until then, stay healthy and enjoy the colorful autumn.

Your family Fuhrhop with team.