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Brewing House

Jetzt fehlen nur noch die neuen Möbel

Escape the daily stress for a few hours. 

This motto was our goal when we first thought about the Hünzinger Brauhaus. It should be rustic, but comfortable and of course modern and trendy. In the making not so easy as planned. However, we stood to our motto and combined all these ideas and concept. And that is what makes the result so unique in the region. Many different creative minds hammered, sew and built the Brauhaus with a passion.

The result:

A modern inside concept with guest area with a rustic-style bar and beer garden outside as our heart piece of the brewery. Close to nature, with a lot of wood, with cotton blankets and fur for coziness. A wide and colorful selection of drinks and food to top it all. Refreshing cocktails according to original recipes and hearty meals a perfect companion.


Whether alone, as a couple or as a large group, we have the fitting offer and conditions for everyone. A visit that should make acquaintances. With us and our friends of the brewery as which we see all our guests. Yes, exactly, a friendship between us, mother nature and suitable offers.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Your Brauhaus Team


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: from 18:00


Since January 2017 our brewing master Bernd Meyer brews a „beer of the month”.

We will keep you informed, join us on Facebook and don’t miss out on any of our events or offers!


We provide shuttle service... 

...every Friday and Saturday at midnight. We stop at 4 stations.

 1st Station: Bad Fallingbostel (Aral Tankstelle)

 2nd Station: Quintusstraße Walsrode

 3rd Station: Großer Graben Walsrode

 4th Station: Verdener Straße, Corner Bismarckring


We drive with a bus which fits 8 guests. If more guests are interested in the shuttle service in the evening, we drive 2 or even 3 tours of course. However, this means a bit of waiting time for the one or other.