Mom, Dad, the paddling pool is here!!!

– (O- Ton Mini Fuhrhop)
Between feelings of happiness, Christmas stress and the New Year

Yes, how do you explain to a 3-year-old that the supposed “paddling pool” is a large 50m² pool that is flying through the air? By letting them participate and experience it. I don’t think we need to mention how big such a collos is for a child once it has landed, and I think everyone can imagine the children’s shining eyes.

And so welcome back to our construction diary.

Yes, it’s actually true, the pool is here and arrived by heavy goods vehicle at night just before Christmas. As the sun rose, the final preparations were made, including the assembly of the steel scaffolding under the pool, so that the pool was lifted into the air by a monster crane shortly after 8am. It was an amazing sight and a spectacle for us “grown-ups” too. You don’t see that every day 😉

So now the pool is in place, and just one day later there was nothing left of it. The senior and junior bosses joined forces with our hard-working employees to cover the pool with a wooden protective cover so that it would survive the further construction work unscathed. We won’t see it again until the summer, to the sadness of our little mouse mentioned above.

But it’s not just the pool that has finally arrived, the concrete piles have also been poured and the first walls are already in place. It’s now very easy to imagine the dimensions and, above all, the size of the future wellness and hotel wing. It’s kind of crazy when you’ve only ever seen it on plans before.

And yes, even not-so-great news comes with a project like this and anyone who builds over the winter, which is unavoidable given the size of the project, simply has a risk. The weather! Nothing has been happening live on the construction site for 5 weeks now. The two weeks before Christmas were too cold for the mortar to set, and even now, after the two-week Christmas and New Year’s Eve break in the building trades, the construction site is still at a standstill, as the temperatures fall below zero again just in time for the start of work. And we’d be lying if that didn’t make us a little nervous. But that’s the way it is. Our favorite phrase at the moment: “I guess we’ll just have to get through it.”

But on the side and in terms of planning, things are making great strides and it’s still not boring with a running hotel business. Especially not over Christmas and New Year.

We are delighted that 2023 ended so successfully and beautifully. In addition to our dear house guests over Christmas and New Year’s Eve, some Heidekreis residents also came to our house to treat themselves to a Christmas feast with the family or to celebrate the New Year with us. Both celebrations were special for us, as they are every year, and despite all the stress, we enjoy spending time with loved ones and having nice conversations.

And so hello dear 2024, OUR 2024, probably the most exciting hotel year we will ever experience. We are looking forward to it all with great anticipation and are already looking forward to the grand opening. Until then, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves every day and getting to work.

We hope you have all had a good start to the new year 2024 and make it YOUR best year yet. Nothing less should be YOUR aspiration.

We look forward to welcoming each and every one of you as our guests.

Your family Fuhrhop with team.