Construction start, a short construction stop and a lot of decisions and a lot to overthink
– Our month in short –

At the end of last month we were so happy that construction had started and the diggers were shoveling properly, but less than a week later they had to stop, because part of the existing building still had to be demolished, otherwise it was in danger of collapsing. So the dirt remained where it was and the demolition excavator had to return. I wonder if our hearts stopped for a moment there? I don’t think we need to explain the meaning of a factory not being able to complete its work according to a tight time schedule. But, thanks to a few connections and a bit of begging everything went super fast and we are still on schedule. While the ground works are still in full swing, the pumps of the ground sinking remind us day and night that something big is being created, we continued to work on the wellness area on paper. The first result will soon be available for you to see. Although the first result is not quite correct. Up to the plan, which we may show you soon, we have already tinkered around on a dozen other plans, painted and pondered. Somehow it’s strange, how many little things you already have to decide, like: where to put which lamp, and which power distribution, sockets and which air circulation and air pressure areas we need, although not even one stone has been placed, nor any room concept could be experienced “visually”. Nevertheless, we are still in good spirits, trying to think our way through all the questions posed by the specialist planners and construction companies and to make smart decisions. And we know that we will rock this. We are putting all our energy and love into this project and there is really no other way than for it to be good. You can see the current state of the construction site in the picture above. A huge hole for the basement and pool area. On the right you see the area for the new hotel wing and the parking lot and with the picture, on which the bird house is to be seen it has also something special on itself. So “unfortunately” we could not remove this yet, since new life develops in this small house. So the sparrow mother may still raise her little ones and then, sadly, this little house must also move. (Don’t worry, there are still enough nesting places on our ground).

Alongside, the wedding season is in full swing at the hotel and has also started at the end of April. Since our pond is now surrounded by excavators and construction machinery, where otherwise some of our wedding couples enjoyed their outdoor wedding, we have quickly (and we mean really quickly within a week) built a new wedding site. Our volleyball field at the top of the sheepfold had to give way, a wedding area was paved within two nights and now the beautiful place is adorned with a metal pavilion of the romantic extra class and the bridal path leads through a meadow starting at a beautiful rose arch. In the midst of nature, far away enough from the hotel activity, we find the new wedding place a hundred times more beautiful than the old one.

Sometimes the best things come out of necessity.

With this in mind, enjoy the summer and the warmer temperatures and until next time

Your family Fuhrhop and team