From the planning to the building permit to the first excavation.
– A normal month of constructions? –

It has been a while since we let hear from us. This is not because nothing has happened, but because there is just too much going on and events are sometimes overlapping. The last six weeks have been very crucial for our big project and have cost quite a bit of nerves and time until the first “groundbreaking” actually took place this week.

But from the beginning
We don’t want to bore you with a lot of details, but we have already thought about where all this madness is going. The following is a small snippet of the significant steps that have been taken for the new building in the last few weeks.

We have been dealing with:
Fire protection concept, statics planning and test statics, drainage concept, ventilation concept, room distributions with regard to different temperature zones, wellness room concept with exact planning of the division, inspection of sauna builders and consultation of current trends in the wellness area, division of the basement and service areas, technical drawings of sauna systems and swimming pool system, including the possible accommodation, water treatment systems for the swimming pool and whirlpool, energy supply of the house with regard to renewable energies and much more, just to name a few things. We heard about all these things partly for the first time and had to think our way into topics that are far away from our everyday actions and knowledge. And all this in order to hold the building permit in our hands at the end, which allows us to break ground. With the listing one could think the new hotel and the wellness area are nearly finished. Not at all! We ourselves did not believe what must be set in stone before we are allowed to excavate even a crumb of dirt.

One thing is for sure, this will be the first and last spa we will build on this scale. Now jokes aside. Without even knowing who will build with us and how exactly the whole thing will look in terms of design, apart from great ideas in our heads, we have had to make some decisions in the last six weeks that cannot be changed in the aftermath. This not only stresses the schedule but also the nerves.
Besides, the biggest May spectacle in the Heidekreis is organized and there is also the running business. The sun’s rays are gradually appearing and we notice this clearly in the increasing number of guests.

But, and this is the main thing:

On Thursday, April 20, 2023, the first digger made the first stab in the ground and according to schedule! So now it’s really getting started, we somehow realize.
We have already left the one or other stumbling block behind us and are trying to look steadily forward. We are only able to do this because of our strong family network and our great team, who are all looking forward to next year with anticipation. We are incredibly proud to be able to be able to realize this project, so keep rolling up your sleeves, keep your courage firmly anchored in your head and go full speed ahead towards the summer of 2024.

See you soon

your family Fuhrhop with team